X5 Wizard wand paintbrush set. Magical gift art supplies

£10.00 Regular Price
£5.00Sale Price
Wand paint brush set. 
This is one of our top rated items favoured by those looking for a unique handmade gift. The images shown are of my own creations. Each paint brush set is unique and one of a kind so we endeavour to create a custom order for you but staying true to the images. 
These wands have been sealed with a water resistant sealant. These brushes can be washed.
 ** like any paint brush it is advised to only wash the brush bristles and not the entire brush as allowing water under the brush head may cause slight damage to the make up brush and/or break down the glue hold the bristles in place ** 
Set contains x5 makeup brushes as stated above. However the brush may vary from the photo slightly but still be the brush stated.

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