Flash Sale X1 Wizard wand for wizardry & magical themed wedding, favours bachelo

Flash Sale X1 Wizard wand for wizardry & magical themed wedding, favours bachelo

Small Wands measure- 7.8inches or 20cm

These are randomly selected wands from leftover stock. The wand will have different colours and designs. Wand colours include, black/brown with a gold silver or bronze finish/ wooden look or a colour. These are not made to order and we choose the colours. 

If you wish to have a “custom made to order wand” please search for our other wand listings within our shop. Those top rated Beautifully handcrafted wands are perfect  for wizard and magic lovers. Each wand is unique and one of a kind and we create our orders specifically for you but we endeavour to make these similar to our pictures. Each photograph are images of our own bespoke handcrafted wands. Personalised labels can be created to make your special day that little more magical for an additional 50p each. Please message for all enquiries as all our wands are made to order. Freddie's Favours is not responsible for damage resulting from improper use. Our wands are not toys, and could potentially snap if placed in your pocket like a Wizard. If you wish to purchase labels and wand boxes please visit our shop.

If ordering one wand or bulk buy please contact us to give a more precise postage. 
We do delivery internationally. If you would like to place an order with us please contact us to arrange postage costs to your country.

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